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It is our goal to help keep people with their companion birds when possible, and to prevent the uneducated purchase of companion birds. To that end, we offer the following services:

  1. Educational experiences for all ages. Want to host a toy making party and learn about the different needs of commonly kept companion bird species? How about a cocktails with cockatoos event, complete with an informative presentation about how especially complex and difficult this family of birds is? Photo-ops at your event, with touch boxes of feathers and fun videos? We love educating, and will bring along our personal and mostly well-behaved companion birds. We can come to your school, church, community group, or event.
  2. Assist with owners who need to rehome their birds. The bird stays with its owner for as long as possible, and the owner gets the final say of which qualified candidate gets to adopt their bird. This is the preferred scenario.
  3. Fostering-rehomes. This is the commonly used model of having the bird stay in a qualified foster home until a suitable long-term adoptive home is found.
  4. Life-change assistance program: We understand being sent overseas for military service work, the heartache of leaving an abusive relationship, the drama of suddenly losing your job, and the awfulness of escaping from a house fire. We want
  5. Veterinary bill help: you should not have to rehome your beloved companion if you cannot pay its vet fees. We will assist in directly paying avian veterinary fees for qualified St. Louis bird-families in need.