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There can be many reasons that families may not be able to keep their companion birds, including allergies, divorce, death, moving, or a new family member. We know that these are beloved pets, and that previous homes tried the best that they knew how to. In many cases, choosing to rehome a companion bird is a heart wrenching experience for the bird and its caregiver(s).

We prefer to assist owners with rehoming their birds by finding qualified potential adopters, with the bird staying in its original home. Foster homes can be arranged if there is a time-limited or emergency situation.

The goal of this program is to assist with finding the best and most suitable home for each and every bird that we accept.

We do not rehome: budgies, finches, doves, pigeons, love birds, poultry, wild birds, or canaries.

Our rehome program is modeled after the Long Island Parrot Society’s Parrot Placement Program.

Our processes are simple:

Surrendering/Placing your companion bird:

  1. Fill out the surrender and placement form for each bird being placed.
  2. If YOU are keeping your bird until a new home is found (or otherwise the foster): Screened applicants who have completed and passed the course and home-visit will contact you at the number or email address that you provide us with.
    We never give out your address.
    If you communicate with the candidate and think it’s a good match, you can arrange for them to meet your bird.
  3. You and the candidate you sign a document officially transferring the ownership to the candidate. Our form MUST be used in order for the adopter to qualify for a complimentary avian veterinary exam and all the benefits of adopting through us.
  4. You make the final decision about who adopts your bird.
  5. No money changes hands between the candidate and the owner or foster.

If you choose to use our service you will not be paid for the bird, cage, or accessories!

All items belonging to the bird: cage, food, toys, etc. as well as the bird go to the new home free of charge. Going into a new home is stressful enough for the bird, and made easier by keeping its familiar cage and food for at least the initial adjustment period. Adoption candidates have been instructed to leave and not adopt the bird if they are asked for money.

Companion bird adoption process:

Our adoption process can take 30-60 days, depending on you.

There are many reasons why birds are given up for adoption, and all of them were once beloved pets. The best interest of the bird takes precedence over all else, and their future depends on Avian Assist finding them the best homes possible.

Here are the steps to adopt a companion bird through us:

  1. Enroll in a bird care class, and pass it (it’s not very hard, we promise). We hold these classes before every Gateway Parrot Club meeting. You are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings, socialize with other bird owners, and shop at Varietees Bird Store while you’re there! The cost to attend is $40, for up to five people.
  2. Fill out the application form and pay the nonrefundable application fee of $25. This fee covers the cost of the home visit and basic screening. We do not adopt to people with histories of violence or those who live with people who have previously had certain kinds of criminal convictions. Priority is given to Gateway Parrot Club members.
  3. Schedule a home visit: A home visit is mandatory for all candidates. We don’t care if your home isn’t perfectly clean. We will ask to see your current birds in their cages and the space that you have prepared for your new companion bird. This is a basic step that is standard procedure to ensure the safety and ultimate well-being of the birds we have responsibility for.
  4. Finding you a companion bird: There are many candidates, but this process does not operate on “first come first serve” basis. It matches the requirements of each individual bird with the wishes of the eligible candidates. There is absolutely no guarantee associated with this program that you will have the opportunity to adopt a bird. We CAN guarantee that once you are an eligible candidate we will do our best to match you with a companion that needs a new home.
  5. Upon agreeing to adopt a particular bird, you give the “$135 pay it forward fee” to our fund with Dr. Kersting, sign the adoption papers, and take your new companion home. If the bird is in foster care, it will already have had a clean bill of health through Dr. Kersting. If you are adopting the bird from its previous owner, you will receive a voucher for a complimentary avian vet check with Dr. Kersting upon our receipt of the adoption contract and the “pay it forward” donation.

Adopters cannot use this adoption service to personally profit from the sale or trade of a bird.

In the event that the bird cannot be kept, it must either be returned to either the relinquishing owner or to AvianAssist for re- homing to another qualified candidate.